While buying or selling a home during winter typically has a bad rep, I wanted to share three reasons why you should, in fact, take advantage of these next few months.

1. Motivation

Buyers: Most sellers wait for warmer months to list which means homes on the market in the winter have motivated sellers behind them ready to move fast.

Sellers: While there are fewer people looking to buy, those that are looking are serious.

2. Less Competition

Buyers: Your chances of being outbid & losing your dream home are far less when there are fewer homes for sale.

Sellers: Without the rush of homes coming on the market, your home is more likely to stand out.

3. Faster Process

Buyers: With less inventory, third-party services are less busy. You will experience better, faster & more personal service from movers, lawyers, banks, and insurance.

Sellers: Buyers typically have more vacation time to view homes during the Holiday season.

Last but not least, no matter what season we are in, there’s always a market thanks to online marketing. If you are considering buying or selling this winter season, we can help! 

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